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You should know

adj. hyper unlogical stupid emotional
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Everyone has a name and mine is Livern.Seriously turning into fifteen in 2009 and presents received on 1910 every year. My mind is immensely immature and im emotional. I always burst into laughter and tears with reasons. I have my own unique appearance and character.Im pessimistic and optimistic in some different cases. I always put 'any old how' in every matter. Im pretty sure i always wants to improve. I adore simple and nature but seemed Im totally not. I adore being single (:


..Im (a) nervous wreck.
..I have mood-swings.


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    I serve & Your footprints

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009
    Im not belonged to anyone as well @ 7:52 PM

    as the title :(

    i insist on my own character and appearance. going to fyoong's house tomorrow. maybe hanging out with jiahuey tomorrow. maybe having a fantastic dinner in Jogaya on this Saturday. maybe visiting hoiyan on this Thursday.

    we bumped into each other at the dark street, we faced with each other so silently, we talked to each other so soundlessly, we kissed with each other so passionately, we missed each other so continuously.

    we love each other. and i'll stop my love ... lifeless =)

    Thursday, March 12, 2009
    OoO 12o3 @ 7:25 PM

    OMG. my life goes cuckoo recently. results are not satisfied, i still haven't got my history and english paper. i have so much confidence to both of them (:

    on Valentine's Day.

    my maths result is really sooo disappointing. i did fucking lot careless and i scored 69. seriously, i don't deserve it. i aimed it for 80. ohgosh (((* proudly, i only got one wrong in 20 objective questions. teacher said i was freaking careless. so accidentally !

    geography : 98 *highest, proud
    chinese : 84 *omg, it's too low
    malay : not to mention (: i did freaking lotsa mistakes too.
    Science : 83, i counted wrong the value of resistence!

    p.s// btw, all of them are not PMR subjects. so don't fuck my maths result.

    PMR, i aim for straight As, it is not so difficult compared to UEC. easy jobs. *screwme*

    ... and, i'm proud of being private school students.

    sooory, i'm so lazy to reply the tags. eunice, thanks for inviting me to your private blogg ):

    and, a late birthday wish to

    • Tan Choon Pong one o9o3 (: officially turning to fifteen ? sure i'll give you some surprise.
    • Haoliim on 14o3. sure you are so surprised with our presents !

    i'm so in love with Bella Lullaby.

    Saturday, February 21, 2009
    Cheers ! @ 5:12 PM

    update soon (: stay tune ! seriously i'm freaking busy nowadays.

    Saturday, January 31, 2009
    @ 3:05 PM

    Just back from Medan. i think i probably would miss out hell a lot of the trip. the consequences of the trip are wrong and pictures are more than words !

    Green Hill 28-01-09
    stayed a night there. had a leisure walk around the residence (: does short hair suit me ? please comment in the cbox.



    went out 'mamak restaurant' to have our dinner (: wooi, all curry meats. curry chicken, curry beef, curry fish, curry lamb, curry vegetable -_- couldn't stand for it.

    medan's people usually drink it -_-

    grocery shop's logo

    the street's scene :)

    Green Hill - Temple - 29-01-09

    seriously wasn't in mood of camwhoring because had a terrible stomachace !

    my eyes were absolutely small. haven't got ready then shot -_-
    and spot at the DOG ! extremely alike lion (:

    GIGANTIC guanyin : D

    Hill Park - 29-01-09

    stomach was stumbling and i almost died. just took a rest there alone and people went around.

    Sweet Home -31-01-09

    the memorable moments were just a few and i would like to skip many of them (: arrived LCCT this morning and bought DAIM ! dad bought two bars of cigrattes and two branded wine. He said he just used the wine to decorate our new house. wtf -_- mom bought Elizaberth Arden's lipgros. i have 5 packets of DAIM ! *bigwidesmile*

    Duty Free Shop

    pointed at them (: ! i'm so excited with them!

    So obviously im that kind of egoistic person because i didn't post out those pictures which don't have my face ! lol. pointed at me (: seriously i'm fucking tired now but repugnantly i can't fall asleep. a few episodes of GEM OF LIFE which i have to go on soon.

    i miss the big house. i miss the uncles aunties. i miss all the services. IN MEDAN :)

    and i have been improved hell a lot. i didn't camwhore myself ! (:

    Continuously angpau please come (: it's not difficult to archieve the total amount of RM 1000 !

    Bye. xoxo (:

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009
    Medan (: @ 4:17 PM

    We arrived in medan yesterday morning (: just had a very grand lunch with abalone, hoisum etc. the house is very elegant with its interior design and it has 5 maids and a driver. *bigwidesmile* medan's malays usually get very low salary for their working, i think.

    due to my sister is keep disturbing me now and i have to go now.

    Giong xi Fat Chai to everyone :)

    Sunday, January 25, 2009
    HCNY (: @ 5:13 PM

    hey peeps ( : it has been a freaking long time since my last update.

    today is chinese new year's eve lol. CNY : ) had reunion dinner certainly. went to grandma's house and met up aunties' family. Lims' reunion dinner is delectable but random. although there weren't many people in grandma's house, but i enjoyed it too ! all family members stay tuned in 2009 !
    random & lovely !

    then we went to tianhougong temple to worship. bought a lamb horn comb -_- had some praying and camwhoring. but less. the paper said my luck in 2009 wasn't good and two more papers followed up until it showed good! i wasn't superstitious lol.

    lol. my turn to camwhore (:

    too white i think -_- faked.

    finally i have two ear holes (:

    had a flight to medan of indonesia tomorrow. will be there about 5 days. considering which subjects' books are supposed to bring there. HCY !


    Saturday, January 3, 2009
    Sasaki Freako :D @ 12:33 PM

    LOL. Lims went to Sasaki Japanese Buffect Restaurant to have our dinner last night. i was awfully full there. i went to get my food for 6 turns but usually people get for 10 turns majority. Wasted !

    then followed up with some desserts : ) fruits, cheese cakes, jelly cup, ice cream etc.

    Finally, I want to go there again so badly ! school reopen soon. nenilelibubu :D seriously i'll less online and concentrate in study. PMR -_-


    Wednesday, December 31, 2008
    Last Day @ 6:03 PM

    miss my long long fringe so badly : D

    Stare & Glance on the last day of December !

    31 st of December 2008 is gonna end.

    i was fucking cut my fringe -_- damn it ! the end of the year was lame and boring. Watched 'Bedtime Stories' with unknowns. Fucked up in the whole chill -_- Screwed bad words so silently and walked so uncomfortable (because of wearing skirt) but at least, i received many messages and untung RM 30 from my mum accidentally.

    Went The Mines but ended up so fucking depressed. I couldn't settle in myself in those unknowns. I was not awful, but don't like to join those unknowns in strange environment. Luckily some old friends and tuition friends talked to me. Like fed up during in cinema. Sat with a long time old buddy in the most left side. but gang was all in the middle. damn it -_-

    The Mines sucks ! Hate going there. Fed fishes in the condo. No fire-crackers. Received calls and talking craps.


    Your hold is permanent and unbreakable. Never doubt it.

    I'm fine : D

    Monday, December 29, 2008
    Untitled 29-12 @ 4:12 PM

    my legs like 'cracked' -_-

    my lips were thick. due to the asam laksa, spicy grilled fish.

    being here is something very hesitated. i care for visitors, i care for the quantities of messages in the cbox, i care for absolutely many things =) but it didn't work out. damn pissed off in my real life. rags bother me endlessly. i face internet and real life in two different mind : ) nobody wants to be annoyed in the internet right ? just find a silent place to reveal my bad things. but sometime, people are still nagging and stabbing you. even jealous too. made me down =)

    went to sabah on 19th. the problem was the organizer. btw, i didn't have the mood to stay in Sabah startly. i hate going to my own country's places. low class. and i hate being in plane. the ears were plugged and suffered. the seats were damn straight. everything plain but bad =)

    facing 29th, it's so fast. but we still don't appreciate time. really very reluctant to give up some activities like sticking my buttock and facing internet. watching movies until midnight. public exams, preliminary examination, people relationship and stuffs are so fucked up.

    owww . i didn't do anything. *like*

    Thursday, December 25, 2008
    Merry Christmas @ 6:09 PM

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year =)